Reviewing the true History of Planet Earth (Gaia /Virgo) helps you understand the reality of the Earth changes from a higher perspective.

The Great Central Sun system Earth belongs to is known as Alpha and Omega and its central Sun Helios and Vesta. This is best understood by viewing this linked table on Earth Creation .

To make Earth habitable for human beings, a tremendous amount of work was done by the Elemental kingdom and Nature Devas who build the oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers..etc. The Elementals are Gods creation. They fall under 4 categories: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The intelligence for Earth is Virgo. The elementals working under the Earth category are known as "Gnomes". Elementals under the Water (Neptune) category are known as "Undines". Elementals under the Air (Aries) category are known as "Sylphs". Elementals under the Fire (Helios/Vesta) category are known as "Salamanders".

After the Elementals completed their work on planet Earth, human beings accompanied by their Angelic Hosts were allowed to come on the planet. The Elementals are slightly higher level beings than humans. The Angelic beings operate under the Archangels (Elevated Beings directly from the God source) as beings of perfection, love and one-pointed obedience to their creator. Their objective is to develop themselves to perfection and divine love first (this includes experiences in human form) and eventually service the human beings towards attaining perfection and divine love. A good example of this are Mother Mary and Master Jesus. Mother Mary originated from the Angelic kingdom, became the holy mother of Jesus in human form. Received her ascension 30 years after Jesus's ascension. She rejoined the Angelic Realm as Archangel Rafael's twin flame. Now serves all the human beings on planet Earth by helping them open their heart centers and receive more love. This can be attained by everyone by calling on Mary and giving her permission to open your heart center. Master Jesus is also from the Angelic Realm. His true form is Micah (the Angel of Unity) the son of Archangel Michael. He received his ascension and is now the Cosmic Christ serving planet Earth as an Ascended Master in the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Seven Archangels have the responsibility of overlooking the planet Earth and six other planets. The energies of the Archangels is the size of our Galaxy. The seven Archangels overlooking the beings on Earth are: Michael (Protection), Jophiel (Illumination), Chamuel (Love), Gabriel (Perfection), Rafael (Consecration), Uriel (Ministration), Zadkiel (Invocation). Since Earth is inside the energies of the Archangels, calling on them from your heart instantly opens you up to their energy and connects you to them.

An administrative body known as the Spiritual Hierarchy, (made up of Earth humans who have ascended and chose to remain in service to help all Earth beings ascend) overlooks the progress of planet Earth and all Humans on Earth. View the spiritual hierarchy table .

Planet Earth was created as a kindergarten level learning school for all beings (Elementals, Angelic and Human) in this Universe. This school allows beings to have free will, choice and the ability to co-create with their thought forms. The first beings that came to Earth (first, second and third root races) from the God Source, millions of years ago maintained pure thought forms full of love, lived in harmony with the Elementals and Angelic beings and honored and appreciated their existence, creations and services. Earth at that time was a Garden of Eden in this galaxy with absolute beauty and perfection. Beings on the planet created their dreams by manifesting thought forms instantly. The foundation of the planet was pure love with no disease or negativity. All beings lived in harmony with peace and joy. The high 5th -8th Dimension vibration level of the planet and all beings was maintained with the foundation of love, peace, joy, freedom and harmony.              

The coming of the fourth root race brought about an incident in the Galaxy. A very low vibrational planet close to Earth with beings of harmful and negative thought forms ended up destroying their planet. The millions of beings (in spirit form) from this planet had nowhere to go.  Earth's compassion for these beings allowed them to enter its planet.  These beings (known as "Laggards") were allowed to take birth on planet Earth with the hope that Earth's higher vibrational energies would shift their consciousness higher and develop them into a higher state.

The plan backfired. The negative and harmful thought forms from the Laggards over time began to corrupt the planet. The negative and harmful thought forms established fear and overpowered the foundation of love amongst the beings with foundation of fear. The dense vibration of fear, harmful and negative thought forms amongst the beings began to weigh down the vibration of Earth, dropping it to 3rd dimension vibration. Negativity, harm, greed, power, overruled on the planet. Beings were killed, looted, hurt, abused, tormented, for selfish gains. This continued for thousands of years.

The Cosmic council finally intervened and opened up the higher channels to help Earth get back to its higher vibrational 5th-8th Dimension state. Higher vibrational Energies from the higher realms began to be injected upon the planet in small amounts starting 1987. The dose has been increasing every year to allow the beings to slowly adjust to the higher vibration energies.

Earth has in the past three years moved up from the 3rd dimension to the 4th. The goal is to shift to the 5th by 2012 (End of the Mayan calendar...and the beginning of a new 5th dimension Earth).

The ancient Mayan astronomers accurately predicted, over 1500 years ago, the exact alignment of the Earth, the Sun, the star cluster Pleiades and of the center of our Galaxy that will take place at the end of the present long cycle on the Gregorian year 2012. On the Mayan Long Calendar the day designated as 4 Ahau 3 Kankin ( falls on December 21, 2012 and this day will mark the end of the long cycle at which time humanity will experience a new beginning.

Free will and choice is an issue. If all beings allow themselves to clear all their negative thought forms (which create blockages in their subtle system), and through techniques available on the planet (like the power breathwork session) open themselves to the higher vibrational energies, they will shift their vibration level to the higher levels. As more and more beings open their hearts and shift their vibration level, they help planet Earth anchor itself into the higher vibrational dimension, and recreate it as the Garden of Eden planet once again. The higher vibration of the planet and the beings allow for higher abilities to co-create a dream life with no issues instead of the low vibrational 3rd dimensional survival life with ample issues.

The classes taught by Ishnah (Ray) help you better understand (at a deeper level) the universal truth, your reality and takes you through processes that clear your negative energies and raise your vibration level.

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