I am Ramtha the Enlightened One. I was known as Ram. I was the first conqueror this plane ever knew. I conquered three-quarters of your known world, entity. My march lasted for sixty-three years. I ascended on the northeast side of the Indus River in front of my complement of entities that was two million strong. My peoples now make up the populace of Indus, Tibet, Nepal, as it were indeed, and even that which is termed Southern Mongolia. My peoples are a mixture, as it were indeed, of Lemurians, of that which is termed Ionians later to be that which is termed Macedonia and that which is termed the tribespeople, that which is termed, as it were indeed, the tribal people of that which is termed Atlatia. My blood, entity, is in all of them.

I am the Ram, entity, what they call the God. I was the first God ever known, entity. I was the first man that ever ascended, entity, that had been born of woman and born of man upon a plane of consciousness to ascend, as it were indeed, not from any mans teaching but from an innate understanding of lifes purpose in everything. My ascension was 35,000 years ago in your calendar of understanding. What is ascension? Taking all that I am into eternity like the wind. If I listened to man, entity, I would have perished in that life. Everyone here perishes, for they know they are going to, and everyone here lives for the opinions of everyone else. What a folly. I learned to love myself when I content myself to something great and majestic. Whatever man in his being contemplates himself upon he will become it, for he is the God hidden behind the mask of mankind.


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