Traditional Babaji portrait"I AM Babaji! I choose to speak by the Authority of the Darjeeling Council on behalf of the unascended Brotherhood of the Himalayas. For We come forth and We come to sponsor now true chelas of the Path who will wear the Mantle of the Ascension, white and bright.

"I come in the person of Father as I AM called. I come to pierce and penetrate the veil. I come to expose those false ones who have misrepresented Us. They are named and their names hang with the sword of Damocles that is upon their head. I say, Let them be exposed! For We will have the victory of all chelas in the dispensation of the Great White Brotherhood.

"I come. My hand is upon the shoulder of Our Messenger. I stand and I declare to the world: Let those who would be chelas of Krishna, of Yogananda, of the great Light of Kali, of Brahma, of Vishnu, of Shiva and of the saints who have gone before-let those who would follow Guru Nanak and all the rest who have risen from the lotus flower of the Mother hear now: your initiations are required of you this day and the Ascended Masters will give them, as these are the initiations required of your souls.

"I stand with Morya, My friend of long-standing. I stand with all who have gone before. This is a time of intense terror in the earth. We summon the Light of Mu and We go after you, O chelas! . . .

" . . . We come. We will intensify that Ascension Fire. And you will simply have to get over your desire to be the removed one set apart and in meditation and in unreality when there is a victory to be won and a battle to enter. We are in the midst. We have always been in the midst. Therefore, gaze into Our Eye and know that We love you, We will not pass you by, We will not leave you to a dead ritual. We will come. We declare ourselves.

"Now then, prove your chelaship by your awareness of Our Vibration and Our Presence. For it is up to you to know the Teacher and the Guru. I am here! Where are you, O souls who call to Me but remove yourselves among the psychics and their imitation of Our Light?

"Well, I penetrate now. I penetrate with that Inner Light. You have called, you will receive it. And do not be surprised that it will disturb your world, for I will disturb you so long as you call My name and use My name in your service. And I will disturb you until you set aside that psychic activity, that personality cult and come into the Law of the One.

"This is no time for dalliance and separation. This is time that the Body of God should wake up! This is no time to go into Nirvana. The cycles of the Buddha are to come out from nirvana and be here where life is suffering.

"I demand that you take the Violet Flame if you desire to continue to have Our Sponsorship in the many varied activities and schools following the Masters of India. The Violet Flame is Our Coming, and We are One with the Violet Flame Masters.

"Test Me by My Vibration! Ask Me and I will come to your life! Don't you dare deny Me or My Messenger until you have demanded proof and more proof! For I will give it! I will come! And I will growl with Himalaya until you know that the God Star Sirius is My Home also. And I AM with the Legions of the Mighty Blue Eagle and I AM here. And I will not take no for an answer! If you are of the Light, you may first fight with Babaji. And when I have fought and won, I will teach you how to defeat the demons. . . .

" . . . So I have come. I have broken the silence. And all of the Masters of the Himalayas gather with me, for this is their Father's Day. And they have increased the planetary Light of Father in answer to your call, in answer to the Call of Morya. . . . "

Beloved Babaji
Through the Messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet,   June 17, 1979,   Malibu, California U.S.A.

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